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    UPVC Stair Nosing and Trim Maintenance


To achieve the most favourable performance, please follow the maintenance instructions below.

1. Regular maintenance of the stairnosings will help prolong the life of the product.
    A build up of dirt and grease can prove hazardous and also affect the appearance of the profile.
2. Firstly, any excess dirt should be removed by using a quality vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle brush.
    A harsh bristle will mark the UPVC.
3. The UPVC should then be cleaned by using a soapless, neutral detergent in warm water on a damp cloth.
   They should then be rinsed with clean water, again using a soft, damp cloth.
4. Polishes will reduce anti-slip properties and solvent cleaners are not suitable.
5. Wet stairnosings are hazardous, therefore if the nosings are damp after cleaning,
    the area should be cordoned off until dry.


1. A build up of dirt and grease will reduce the anti-slip properties of the insert.
2. Polishes, sealants or any other coatings should not be applied to PVC inserts, as they too will reduce the
    anti-slip properties of the insert.
3. PVC inserts and UPVC channels should be cleaned with upvc cleaner.
4. Strong detergents must not be used on pvc stair nosing inserts as this may cause fading of the insert colour.
5. In the event of excessive build up of dirt and grease, a gentle rub down of the insert with a lightweight
    scourer will reproduce a key to the surface.