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Pre Order Advice:  

If you need any advice on what type of stair nosing you require or are unsure of what is available,
please contact us - our sales people are very well informed and will probably be able to give you a
very quick answer. If you have a technical question, please telephone us and ask - if we cannot answer
it straight away, we will hopefully get an answer back to you within the same day.

Cutting and Drilling Services: Order Processing

1. We receive your order by fax or e-mail.

2. We call you back to confirm costs and shipping etc - we give you the price and you make payment
    using our credit card facility for the full up cost.

3. We hold stock of most stair nosings, particularly the standard aluminium stair nosings with black
    or white inserts, however, it does not take long for us to get the stair nosing you require as we
    have two deliveries from the profile supplier weekly.

4. We cut and drill your stair nosings to your specifications and mark them accordingly.
    ( Don't forget the number one stair nosing is always the top step of each flight of stairs and
    that is how we will mark them on the back for your own fitters to work to) - Each cut nosing will
    be marked with measured width and step number and flight number if applicable.

5. Once the nosings have been completed, we will call you again to advise that they are being shipped
    and give you an estimated time of delivery or that they are ready for collection.

6. Advice on how your payment is processed - please click on Customer Services link below.


If you have any specific requirements for a job, give us a call on (01274) 394904 and discuss it with us,
we are only too happy to be of assistance - we value our customers and look forward to repeat orders.

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